cookie + brownie.

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I love chocolate chip cookies, love brownies, and though I have never been a fan of raw cookie dough I have to admit my love of these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. Super simple they’re a great twist on your regular brownie.

saturday snapshot {58}

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travel bug.

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I’ll admit it, I always have the travel bug. I simply love everything about travelling – the people, the cultures, the experiences, the memories. I have been fortunate to find myself on multiple continents throughout the first twenty-years of my life. Lately I have wondered where I would like to go on my next big adventure and I realized its not a city or a country but rather specific sites that would have me going between continents to see some of the most spectacular wonders and vews and site. These are absolutely on my “must see” list whenever I next happen to find myself near by. I do apologise for the length of the post, well, not really since all sixteen are absolutely spectacular.

Blue Caves – Zakynthos Islands, Greece

Plitvice Lakes – Croatia

Four Seasons Hotel – Bora Bora

Skating on Paterwoldse Meer – Netherlands 

 Marble Cave – Chile Chico, Chile

 Petra – Jordan

Verdon – Provence, France

Penteng Chittorgarh – India

 Riomaggiore – Italy

 Sky Lantern Festival – Taiwan

Santa Domenica net Salento

 The Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve – Texas

Madeira – Portugal

Positano – Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Dunes- Peru

Pongua Falls – Vietnam





saturday snapshot {57}

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victorian cottage.

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I love romance, no doubt there. The Catskills hunting cabin that Sandra Foster referbished is the definition of romance. Did I mention it is only accessible via stepping stones across a stream? Sandra not only dreamed up the most romantic Victorian cottage but did the carpentry herself. While it is missing a kitchen or a bathroom the stacks of Limoges china with tiny rosebud patterns, chandeliers, and  tissue-paper garlands create a romantic escape I’d only dreamt of.


saturday snapshots {56}

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color chart.

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Going through old cooking magazines this weekend I came across this icing color chart in an old Food Network Magazine. While I tend to buy my food coloring already in shade of coral, periwinkle, magenta, etc; how precious, not to mention yummy looking, is it?

diy frosting colors

diy frosting colors


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